WXDR 99.1 FM – Dolphin Radio

WXDR Dolphin Radio - Logo

WXDR 99.1 FM – Dolphin Radio

The Radio Voice of

Delgado Community College

in New Orleans,




1.00 pm

Central US Time.

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Dolphin Radio is the Radio Voice of Delgado Community College in New Orleans, LA, broadcasting as WXDR-LP on 98.9 MHz FM and on the worldwide web at dolphinradio.org.   The station began in August, 2011 and originally operated on 1610 kHz AM and 96.3 MHz FM under CFR 47, Part 15 of the FCC Rules & Regulations, which permits operation at extremely low power without need of a license. Coverage area for the AM transmitter (currently off air) was generally within approximately 1.5 miles of the City Park campus, with the FM signal reaching about 50 feet to the Student Life Center.

In October, 2013 Delgado Community College applied to the FCC for a Low Power FM (LPFM) license. In December, 2014, WXDR-LP signed onto the New Orleans airwaves on 98.9 MHz, with generally solid reception within about six miles of the City Park campus–enough to cover most of New Orleans.

To avoid interference from (and to) another station on 98.9, Dolphin Radio applied to the FCC for permission to shift frequencies slightly to 99.1 MHz and began operations there on December 21, 2017.

In addition, the station can be heard around the world with Internet streaming provided by DJC Media Group, on Caster.fm, and via both the TuneIn page and the downloadable app.

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