NFRS Radio

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NFRS Radio.

Tengachaya District,

Osaka City,

Kansai Region,

Honshu Island.


Friday 2.00 pm  – Japanese Time.

Click on the  ‘NFRS Radio  logo to visit  their Website.

Nishinari Ward, Osaka City “Tengachaya”, is a downtown area overflowing with humanity.

We are a small internet radio station in the district of Tengachaya,


Our creators and artists are active in various fields

We are sending out something new. ​

With the slogan “What you can do because it’s a net radio!”

We send to the world from Tengachaya.

At SOUND UP STATION NFRS broadcasting we do everything on a volunteer basis.

All our costs are covered by donations, goods income, etc. ​

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