Kool Oldies


Kool Oldies.


United States.

Sunday 12.00 noon (Eastern Time).

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Hello, And Welcome. This Station is Owned by Strickland Media Group Inc.  We are licensed by “The National Association Of Digital Broadcasters”.  The Owner Steven, started working in Radio when he was 13 years old in his small home-town in Alabama.  He started volunteering then, the assistant DJ in the afternoon. Steve saw potential and said they would give him a chance on weekends working the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Games. Then a bigger chance was made by him working the Afternoon Drive at 5 as co-host with ” Steve The Walkman Walker”. Steve had worked in Markets from Seattle, Dallas, New York, and San Fransisco and beyond before settling in the small town in South Alabama.  This Station is in loving memory and Honor of my best friend and mentor Steve Walker (Stephen Newman) as it is his Station that he had before he passed away.  Fly High Steve and Dj On.

                                             “It’s been a long day without you, my friend

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